Stay In Your Lane Business Course

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You know it’s time to level up.

This 4 module online course teaches you how  to authentically scale your brand, business or monetize your media personality. The Stay In Your Lane Course framework is broken into 4 modules: Marketing & Branding, Traffic & Sales, How to Scale a Business and Implementing The Tattoo-Worthy Brand Approach. This is your chance to discover the industry secrets I've learned through 17 years of trial and error. Learn from my mistakes AND successes while building or scaling your brand. It's time to secure your long term legacy.

Turn Your Customers and Clients into Your Community

A community is your team of brand ambassadors, your go-to squad. Your community will become the cornerstone of your business, so learning how to build one is pivotal for success in the modern marketplace.

My Experience is Your Opportunity

Over my 17 years of experience in business, I’ve seen it all. This course covers all victories, and all the mistakes and boils the journey down into digestible and actionable modules that will teach you how to START, SCALE or PIVOT your brand or business.

Course Includes

  • 4 Full Length Modules
  • Downloadable PDF Slides to Accompany Each Module
  • BONUS 2-Part Video Series
  • Access to Discounted Business Consults


 Taylor Stone

Lacey Warne

Joy Harrington - Level Up Babe