Chainbreaker Prophetic School

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Join us for the unearthing of an ancient teaching on Spirit Wells.

If you've been down the rabbit hole, walking in the Spirit, Jesus-curious or Jesus-devoted, aware of the dark times we find ourselves in - this seminar will help you dissect the unraveling mental condition of humanity as whole.

This 3-day seminar is a mind-bending intersection of science, spirit and psychology. Prepare to receive a deliverance codex. This codex will teach you to track psychological pathology alongside endocrine disruption and activity in the Spirit realm.

When someone delivers you IN THE NAME OF JESUS - you will now SEE exactly what is taking place from the 3rd dimension through the 7th and how it is tied to your physical body, hormones, and the endocrine system. It is suggested to be prepared to fast & pray prior to beginning the series.

This recorded seminar includes over 14 hours of spiritual lectures with copies of the PDF slides.