The Method

BREAK Sessions focus on SOLVING problems - not dwelling on them. After you've booked your session, you'll receive an in-depth intake form to your email inbox. This intake form collects ALL the important information I need to create solutions before we even begin. I frequently spend 1-2 hours prior to our session playing what I call "objective detective," creating a strategy with actionable steps to help you achieve mental, physical and spiritual freedom. Remember, the goal here is for this to not become "a thing." If I do my job properly, we won't ever have to do this session again!

Unlike the traditional therapy or coaching models - I focus my efforts on SOLVING problems immediately. This will NOT become a weekly or monthly relationship. Codependent financial relationships are inherently flawed. I would never do you the disservice of stalling your progress for financial reasons - or in some cases even creating problems that aren't even real (thanks traditional therapy - that's an awesome epidemic). To BREAK through stagnation in life or BUILD your empire, I simply need you to answer your Directed Storytelling® intake forms and show up to our session. I'll do the rest!

All private sessions are conducted via Skype. If your are located in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area, appointments can be booked in office.