Apply to Wild @ Heart Bible Study


Our first official Bible Study will be held October 20th at 6pm PST. Zoom links will be provided via email once your application has been processed. Please be sure to check your SPAM folder. Emails will arrive from: You are each welcome to share the Zoom invite with 3 people you feel called to reach out to. Please make sure they also fill out our Bible Study intake questions here after you invite them. All sessions are recorded and will be available a membership page within 12 hours of recording.

We will be using the King James Version of the Bible. After digging deeply into the word this last year it's become very clear to me that the KJV speaks with more truth and clarity than the other translations. While the others may be easier to understand, it is my hope that you will learn to see the challenge presented by the syntax as a positive for uncovering TRUTH even if that means pushing your own comfort boundaries a bit. Syntax and translation is SO important with the Bible. There are many critical pieces of information that when taken out of intended syntax, as in the NIV, read completely differently and do not reveal the deepest spiritual truth. So, go grab a KJV and some Bible highlighters at the bookstore and get ready for our adventure.

I'd suggest also getting a 3 subject notebook. 
We will divide the notebook into these 3 sections: 1) Session Notes 2) Prayer Points + Weekly Focus 3) Bible Verses
For our first Zoom Bible Study, please use this meeting room ID: 840 7079 5093
and password is: HolySpirit
The first session is called ORIGIN INTENT: The Limit of Sight. Please feel free to email me here [ ] with any questions and hope to see you on the Bible Study LIVE Weds 10/20 @6pm PST.

Course Content

Week 1 // Origin Intent: The Limit of Sight

Wee 2 // Soul v. Spirit

Week 3 // Biblical Anatomy

Week 4 // God's Timing

Week 5 // Fruits of The Holy Spirit

Week 6 / A New Creation