Facebook Ads Strategy & Management

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Over the course of my career, I've learned a few standout lessons ( many the HARD way). The most important lesson of all - your business success is a direct result of your marketing and advertising strategy. If you don't have ads management that is reliable, cost effective and produces results, your business will frequently plateau ( or die). 


I've spent over 3 million dollars personally on advertising for all my companies and this is the key: an overpriced, $10k+ agency that promises the world is NEVER going to solve your problem.


They are going to give you a big show that ultimately creates a vacuum of financial loss. The company developing, implementing and optimizing your strategy needs to be cost-effective, nimble and able to leverage a variety of strategies - not just run you up a massive bill so they can wave their hands and pretend they are making you money. 


How We Solve the Problem 

Many ad agencies want to scale 1 or 2 specific products.  What you *actually* need is a multifaceted approach the builds audience or niche-specific traffic, nurtures warm leads and converts them into dedicated community members, promotes all of your content through a curated ecosystem and closes sales with high ROI. I'll make it simple for you: you need someone who knows how to create a sustainable brand, leverage customers into a cancel-proof community and grow your brand methodically and incrementally for long-lasting success. 

Our Process

Month 1: Complete onboarding, create 3 and 6 month strategy, generate 3-5 unique KPIs to track for your business goals, offer creation and support, assist with creative and video strategy as needed, copywriting for ads ( Facebook, Instagram and Google), propose ad budget for testing phases.

Month 2: Begin campaign testing, work toward profitability from week 1 (not months down the road), cut campaigns that aren't performing, tweak ones that are and generate new ads based on audience response.

Month 3: Work on optimization and scale, track KPI progress, assess progress of current strategy and work on the following quarter's ad campaigns

Month 4-6: Focused on optimization, scale and a background strategy of ABT - always be testing


The Investment

Monthly Fee of $1,767 this keeps monthly budget manageable for you as we scale. This fee includes Facebook, Instagram and Google. ** Adding on TikTok is $399


What You Get

  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Strategy for 3 and 6 month markers
  • Assistance with creative and copy strategy and implementation
  • Ads Management and Optimization
  • Custom Dashboard to Track Progress on Campaigns
  • Dedicated Client Support 
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Biweekly Meetings to Review Progress and Make Changes