RapidRewire - 3 Month Emotional Repatterning Intensive 1:1 with Bizzie Gold

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Our most intensive Emotional Repatterning experience that pairs our complete immersion protocol with a series of customized one-on-one sessions, a private Voxer channel to connect with Bizzie Gold and lifetime access to our Break Live events biannually.

This streamlined process immerses you in my most hands-on Emotional Repatterning experience. Unlike traditional therapy or many alternative treatment methodologies, we treat your current life frustration, friction or chaos like a computer virus - rapidly replicating to keep ruining your life [ even when you want to break free ] and evading detection at every turn [ it wants to survive too ]. It has spent as many years as you’ve been alive becoming more adept at passing itself off as YOU. In fact, when you experience intentional separation from it for the first time, it might be so intense that you have a moment of what we in the Break Method world call it Reality Vertigo. Reality vertigo quickly tosses your brain and body through a worm hole of cognitive dissonance that spits you out on the other side with a brand new [ hopeful ] perspective on emotional healing for the first time.

RapidRewire functions like an emotional Spartan Race. You’re here because you’re sick of your own BS and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get to the other side, right? Good. This experience will trigger you. It will piss you off and it will challenge you in every meaningful way you can think of. It’s going to push you in ways your brain can’t yet comprehend. And the best part is - you’re actually going to enjoy it. Once you’re immersed in the process, you’ll embrace the moment you hit your wall, fall flat on your face with trying to hold up a facade or the day you want to break your phone because of the cold hard-hitting truth your facilitator just slapped you with during session. You’re here to get over it right? Good. 

The only way to sustainably change the way you both perceive and engage in your life is to map and rewire the intricate system of lifetime inputs that made you who you are. In RapdiRewire, you map all 8 patterns and how the weave together forming a strategic “protective” mechanism that is actually to blame for ruining your life, blowing up relationships and sabotaging all the good stuff [ even when you know better ].


How It Works

RapidRewire is broken into 5 distinct phases over 3 months. Each month, you’ll be focusing on a new area of data collection, pattern assimilation, hypothesis formation and conclusion testing. The scientific method is a keystone of our approach and that’s why we test and test some more. The traumas and triggers you actively want to explore are often the red herrings blocking you from progress. They are in many ways your brain’s virus intentionally leading you astray or distracting you so that you can stay stuck in your chaos forever and it can remain undetected. Good news - that’s our specialty at Break Method. Our protocol container ensures success and will [ tough ] lovingly call you and your brain on all of its BS along the way. Here’s a glance at the RapidRewire process:

The Time Commitment

In 3 immersive, hands-on months, we map and rewire every aspect of your subconscious brain patterns and how these integrate and activate your conscious behavior sets. We take these maps and engineer a customized rewiring blueprint for you to execute for the next 30 days. This 30 day phase is the final stretch of your emotional Spartan Race and its where you’ll barely recognize your life [ in all the right ways]. This phase begins at the completion of our 3 month intensive sessions. During the 30 day rewire phase, you are in daily integration mode with weekly-check in to assess progress, pivot or adjust blueprint tactics and sprint toward the finish line. That’s where you’ll find that all of the issues, big and small, that were once ruining your life or taking you further away from your goals are suddenly… GONE.


The Investment

The average person going to therapy spends between $100-300 per session, visits at least once per week and goes for a minimum of 1 year. Thats $9600 per year for a containerless, often codependent, narrative-driven [ and thus virus-riddled ] process of “that’s all for today. See you next week.” And let’s be honest, many of you have been in therapy for years [don't worry - we won’t do the math on that for you 🤐].

Our clients have usually tried everything before finding us. They’ve attended every course, paid thousands of wasted dollars on coaching and guess what? They are still spiraling in their own sh*t - until they get through their very first week of Emotional Repatterning. And in a world of rehashing, copying and straight up plagiarism, we’re sure that you’ll be peeling your brain off the wall on a weekly basis with mind blowing teaching that even makes psychiatrists and neurologists say wild things like: 

“What planet did this come from?” 
“Is Bizzie an alien or somehow from a future where humans are more advanced?” 
“I’ve seen everything and I’m stunned. I haven’t seen one repurposed piece of content yet.” 

Emotional Repatterning with Break Method is the last time we ever want you to spend a dime trying to heal. Graduates typically express resentment or anger at “the system” for not integrating this game changing work sooner in their lives. The most common halfway point contention is “why isn’t this taught in High School or college before we mess everything up?”  We know. We get it and we are right there with you. It is our goal to bring this mind bending, powerful AF protocol into the brains of ALL, regardless of age, income background or academic level. As a way to ensure we are walking our talk, we assign 10% of all RapidRewire sales to sponsor a student for our 16 week online immersion. Break Method and all of our dedicated team members work non-stop to help serve all communities with Emotional Repatterning. This has included: the prison system, victims of human and sex trafficking, at-risk youth and addiction recovery. So, good for you. Now you get to pay it forward and help someone else get out of their own way, break generational trauma and get back on their feet after serving prison time ALL while getting to the bottom of your own nonsense. For good. [Finally]

Due to the intensive one-on-one nature of RapidRewire, we are only able to work with a select number of clients at a time. The only thing you have to lose is quite literally scrolling on and repeating the same thing for the next 20 years. You’re better than that. It’s time to stop living emotional Groundhog day. It’s time to feel what it's like to be free from your chaotic patterns for the first time. I can’t wait to guide you to the other side.