How to Stay in Your Lane [+ Love It] - The Entrepreneur's Cheat Sheet

This episode focuses on business growth, scale and authenticity. This segment isn't for the faint of heart or what Bizzie wold refer to as the "want-repreneur." Her tell-it-like-it-is style fast tracks true founders to long-lasting success while sending wannabes running for the hills.

Segment highlights include:

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A testament to the millennial mindset, Gold grew 5 global brands by bootstrapping, staying true to her vision and not allowing the fear of disrupting a 9 Billion dollar industry get in her head. This multifaceted-mama travels the world speaking, teaching and inspiring the masses to BUILD the world they want to live in - not just complain about it. When Gold isn't speaking in front of a packed house or appearing on TV, she can be found in the kitchen cooking up paleo-friendly meals for her family or helping her 7 year old daughter Sarai achieve her goal to be the world's first special needs supermodel.




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