BREAK Method School of Sustainable Self-Mastery

BREAK Method School of Sustainable Self-Mastery

*My next Break Online class begins this April. *


The Break Method Online Course is an 12-week program that facilitates sustainable therapeutic transformation. Students learn through interactive webinars, lectures, Directed Storytelling® workbook exercises and LIVE group sessions to rewire their emotional responses to be free of emotional addiction, self-sabotage, destruction and psychological disorders.



  • Fast-Acting - Your Breakthrough Begins Day One
  • Fuses Neuroscience with Spiritual Intelligence + Energetic Anatomy
  • Sustainable - Students BECOME Their Own Master Teacher
  • Intense, Logical + Direct (Think Tough Love)
  • Equally effective for Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stagnation or Lack of Direction
  • A Chance To Rewrite Generations of Emotional Addiction + Reinvent Your Parenting Style
  • Easy to Complete in an At-Home Pace


  • NO Financial Co-Dependence or Follow-Up “Coaching”
  • NO Traditional Talk Therapy “So What Do You Think?” (Yuck.)
  • NO Weekly “Unpacking of Wounds” - We STOP Your Attachment to the Storyline Not Perpetuate It
  • NO Passive Dependence on a Therapist - Active Participation is the Key
  • NO Flowery, Enabling Relationships - Active Accountability ONLY


Living every day with anxiety, fear, worry, pain or stagnation is 100% optional. You DON’T have to suffer through life. This program CAN and WILL free you from the emotions that get you down and make you feel trapped in your own body and that TRANSFORMATION begins immediately. I can’t promise you that rest of your life is going to be stress-free or that bad things won’t happen to you. I CAN assure you that after the completion of BREAK you’ll learn new tools and rewire your brain chemistry to ease through these life stressors with grace, ease and confidence. The only thing in life you can control 100% is how you choose to RESPOND and BREAK does just that.


One Time Payment: $967 Pay-In-Full

Two Equal Payments: $500 Deposit with final payment of $500 due February 10th, 2017

Three Equal Payments: $350 Deposit with 2 additional payments of $350 due February 10th, 2017 and February 27th, 2017


 Course starts Wednesday January 25th. Upon registration you will receive a link to your welcome webinar.