BUILD Start Up Accelerator Session

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So you've already started your business. You're likely in one of two places: you feel stuck and don't know how to get yourself off of the hamster wheel you've created OR you deeply understand the value of scaling your brand or business with someone who has done it successfully. Hey - maybe it's a little bit of both and that's NORMAL. In our sessions I'm able to accomplish a few critical things:

  1. Assess your current strategy / target demographic / branding for long term viability and alignment with your goals
  2. Create 6 month / 1 year / 5 year blueprints to scale or prepare your company for funding
  3. Foresee potential roadblocks + competitors that need to be addressed YESTERDAY
  4. Align you with strategic partners and introduce you to a variety of funding options
  5. Possibly become an investor myself if I feel aligned with the brand vision

My focus is ALWAYS on businesses, brands or consumer products that are industry disruptive. If you're part of an MLM business or simply trying to recreate a business of the "coaching" model - I'm not your girl. If you're idea or business is UNIQUE and you're serious about buckling down and getting your #girlboss on - you know where to find me.

You'll receive all intake documents along with 3 appointment options as soon as we receive your payment. I must receive all intake documents no less than 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment. If your business requires me to sign an NDA, please send that as well so my attorney can review it prior to our meeting.