BREAK Workshop // Personal Development

BREAK Workshop // Personal Development

In this 2-day intensive workshop you will:

  1. BREAK FREE of the emotional addictions that run your life on autopilot
  2. UNDERSTAND the root causes of destructive behavioral patterns
  3. CREATE ACTIONABLE GOALS that reinforce your work with emotional repatterning
  4. LEAVE with useful tools that you can apply to your life EVERYDAY


  • Fast-Acting - Your Breakthrough Begins Day One
  • Fuses Neuroscience with Spiritual Intelligence + Energetic Anatomy
  • Sustainable - Students BECOME Their Own Master Teacher
  • Intense, Logical + Direct (Think Tough Love)
  • Equally effective for Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stagnation or Lack of Direction
  • A Chance To Rewrite Generations of Emotional Addiction + Reinvent Your Parenting Style
  • Easy to Complete in an At-Home Pace


  • NO Financial Co-Dependence or Follow-Up “Coaching”
  • NO Traditional Talk Therapy “So What Do You Think?” (Yuck.)
  • NO Weekly “Unpacking of Wounds” - We STOP Your Attachment to the Storyline Not Perpetuate It
  • NO Passive Dependence on a Therapist - Active Participation is the Key
  • NO Flowery, Enabling Relationships - Active Accountability ONLY


Living every day with anxiety, fear, worry, pain or stagnation is 100% optional. You DON’T have to suffer through life. This program CAN and WILL free you from the emotions that get you down and make you feel trapped in your own body and that TRANSFORMATION begins immediately. I can’t promise you that rest of your life is going to be stress-free or that bad things won’t happen to you. I CAN assure you that after the completion of BREAK you’ll learn new tools and rewire your brain chemistry to ease through these life stressors with grace, ease and confidence. The only thing in life you can control 100% is how you choose to RESPOND and BREAK does just that.

In BREAK Workshops, we use a protocol called Directed StorytellingThis process removes many of the emotional details that cause you to put your story or behavioral pattern on repeat and let it run your life. This simple yet profound technique helps you organize the details and facts of your life story WITHOUT the disabling emotional attachment. Think of it as your life story being directed by an objective third party with a clear set of goals and action plans in mind.

For many of you, there will be times that it will feel as if the chronology skips around in a way that you don’t understand. Well, rest assured that by the end of this process, you will understand the HOW and WHY of the entire process. If you want real world applications to free yourself from destructive behavior and self-limiting beliefs, go grab a pen, clear your head and prepare to take a jackhammer to your old life. Don’t forget your hard hat.

Upcoming Dates: 

3 Day BREAK Workshop Scottsdale, AZ @ Buti Headquarters | 2/17-19

Friday 12 PM - 6 PM, Saturday + Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM  ** Hotel accommodation NOT included in workshop pricing. We recommend using the Hotel Tonight app or checking Priceline. 

If you are interested in HOSTING a BREAK // Workshop, email us: