IGNITE: The Bonfire Sessions Retreat at OMEGA Institute

Join entrepreneur and wellness expert Bizzie Gold in a personal development retreat designed to ignite our passions, refuel our bodies, and connect us with our true life paths.

Combining ancient philosophy and Eastern-minded diagnostic principles with actionable self-awareness and emotional repatterning, Gold teaches us how to apply spiritual intelligence to our movement, nutrition, and personal development practices. Using the simple yet transformational process of Directed Storytelling, we learn to tackle emotional addiction, depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, and fear at their root. We discover and actively release what has held us back from igniting to our full potential, allowing us to achieve life-changing breakthroughs quickly and effectively.

We leave the retreat with a new toolset to navigate our lives, inspire us, refuel our internal physiology, and move toward our goals.

This workshop is open for women to attend individually or with their children (who can register for Omega’s Children’s Program for an additional fee; enrollment is limited). Those who attend with children participate in a family-oriented transformation, drawing ties between their own energetic patterns and their parenting style while taking actionable steps for the empowerment of both mother and child.

TO REGISTER: https://www.eomega.org/workshops/ignite-the-bonfire-sessions#-workshop-description-block

Scholarships are available; see Holistic Studies application at eomega.org/scholarships.