BUILD Entrepreneurial Vision Session

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I own five successful businesses and still find time to have my own career as a TV personality, public speaker and consultant. Did I mention I'm also a mother of 2 under the age of 5? Getting a clear vision of your entrepreneurial goals + what ignites your passion helps you get through the hard times. I've been there. Website crashing while your husband is out of town, babysitter is sick and your kid just shi*t his diaper. Oh... and it's running down his leg. It's during those times of high-stress that making sure your passion + purpose are aligned is of critical importance.

In this session, think of me as an accelerator in your business planWe learn to understand where your idea, business or product came from on a physical and emotional level. Then we map out the path to holistic success - that means your personal life too!

Let's work together to discover the HOW, WHY and WHAT of your business passion. Together we will uncover potential obstacles and create proactive solutions before they impact your business growth. These sessions are 2 hours and include one 30 minute follow-up session 2 weeks after initial appointment.

ALL intake forms and pre-session work must be completed and turned into our office 48 hours prior to appointment. Bizzie will be presenting action plans along with her insights on your pre-session work to help guide the session and maximize your 2 hour time slot.